Ramadan Iftar Meal Plan in Dubai, UAE - 2024

Ramadan Iftar Meal Plan in Dubai

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Ramadan Iftar Meal Plan in Dubai

The Ramadan menu features a selection of delicious and wholesome dishes curated specifically for the holy month. It typically includes a variety of traditional favorites and nutritious options suitable for Suhoor, Iftar, Soup, Snack and Juice. From flavorful soups and salads to hearty main courses and delectable desserts, this menu aims to nourish the body and soul while honoring culinary traditions.

Calories Intake: 1200 - 1400 kcal/day

During Ramadan, Muslims observe daily fasting, punctuated by two special meals: suhoor (pre-dawn) and iftar (evening). The Ramadan menu reflects both cherished traditions and a focus on balanced nutrition.

Traditional favorites like dates and lentil soup are common, alongside flavorful main courses like biryani and lamb tagines. Wholesome options like salads, grilled fish, and whole grains ensure sustained energy throughout the fast.

Sweet endings include baklava and milk puddings, while dates often reappear for their natural sweetness. Beyond the plate, the Ramadan menu fosters unity and community as families and friends gather to share meals and celebrate the holy month. It's a testament to the power of food to nourish both body and spirit and connect individuals across cultures.

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